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The Little Buck

The Little Buck is our entry-level hunting blind, measuring four feet by five feet. Inside, it features a fully carpeted interior similar to the Economy series. However, a key distinction lies in its design – unlike the octagonal shape of its counterparts, the Little Buck boasts a square structure.

Entry-Level Hunting Blind

The Little Buck Deer Blind

Inside these blinds, you’ll find a unique roof style with corner shelves strategically placed for convenience. These shelves eliminate the need for extensive reaching, ensuring your essentials are within easy reach in centralized locations.

Equipped with the same sliding glass windows as our other two series of deer blinds, the Little Buck provides flexibility. These windows can be securely locked, partially opened for ventilation, or fully locked down. Additionally, an optional door window enhances your field of view, making it easy to observe your surroundings.

Like the Economy series and insulated blinds, the Little Buck deer blind features a locking door. This crucial feature keeps unwanted individuals out and acts as a barrier against wildlife and pests.

The tower design is the most significant contrast between the Economy deer blind series and the Little Buck. The Economy series features a complete staircase and platform, while the Little Buck offers a simple ladder and optional handrail leading directly to the door.

4ft & 8ft Tower Available
Standard ladder included. Optional handrails available
6’ Ceiling
For a roomy standing position
Steel Tubing Construction
Featuring a frame and legs that are precision welded and powder coated for enhanced durability
Features a 24” x 60” lockable door
Floor-to-ceiling carpeting for noise dampening and comfort

Built In The Pursuit of Perfection

Innovative & Comfortable

Our deer blinds are designed to provide you with the ultimate hunting experience, offering a range of features that set us apart from the rest.

Windows that Last

Our deer blinds are equipped with strong NP1 Polyurethane rubberized caulking and real glass windows enclosed in an aluminum frame, ensuring a leak-proof design. With locking windows and a promise of no leaks, you can say goodbye to unwanted guests like wasps, bees, and owls.

Built to Endure

The outer construction of our blinds features an overlocked and interlocked structure, galvanized, primed, and laminated with three layers of protection. Powder-coated screws and 26-gauge metal ensure sturdiness, with the outer panel bent around the tubing steel structure for added rigidity and strength. Bead rows are also added for extra reinforcement.

Superior Roofing

Crafted with arched tubing for increased strength, 2 inches of 1-pound foam, and an ice and water shield that dampens rain noise - our blinds are reliable in any weather condition.

Interior Excellence

Inside, all the wood is custom-fitted and fixed to the steel structure for superior strength. Constructed with yellow pine, our blinds are rigid and long-lasting, ensuring a comfortable and secure hunting experience.

Experience the difference with Ranch King Blinds - your trusted companion for your hunting adventures.

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Our Learning Center offers access helpful resources and guides ranging from product details to assembly instructions and how-to videos. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a first-time buyer, explore our Learning Center to get the most out of your Ranch King Blinds.

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